"LIFE STINKS!", and other things my Mother taught me...

Clips from the show dedicated to the strength and humor of Charlene's parents, and family friends who were all Survivors of the Holocaust.

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Charlene Brooks in Concert

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\\\\\\\"What a fabulous show she put on last Saturday night! The stories and her singing were so enjoyable! She is a \\\\\\\"true\\\\\\\" entertainer! This girl needs to be on Broadway!!! I was plotzing from every story!\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"How heart warming your show was!!! Even though these were your stories, many of us could relate to the Survivors who were absolutely amazing!\\\\\\\"

\\\\\\\"YOU WERE FANTASTIC!!!! Your show was so much fun! I laughed, I cried, I identified. And your voice was wonderful, your range truly impressive.
Your love for your family history came through. Thank you for a wonderful evening!\\\\\\\"